Best New Cheap Eateries

If you’re a foodie like Mark Ahn, you’ll likely always on the lookout for new places to grab a quality meal. It’s probably also a plus if the eatery is cheap. Grub Street has put together a list of restaurants that are worth a visit, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot for great food.

Neerob is a Bronx restaurant that serves quality Indian fare. If you love spicy vegetables and curried fish, this is the place for you. The eatery also sells tasty bread-based dishes, such as naan and samosas. 

Gaia Italian Cafe is another New York restaurant that can satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. If you want a hearty pasta dish or want to pair your dinner with a quality Italian wine, you’ll be satisfied with what Gais has to offer. 

You may also want to pay El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette. The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch, you can take advantage of a variety of cocktail while you choose something from the bakery or the main menu.

Check out for more tasty restaurant ideas.

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Learn About The Unique Qualities Of Andrew Heiberger

Andrew Heiberger is a well accomplished entrepreneur in the real estate industry based in New York. He is known for his great contributions in founding Buttonwood Development, a real estate firm that is based in Manhattan. This is not the only achievement he has attained. He also owns Town Residential, which is a real estate brokerage firm based in Manhattan. Andrew Heiberger has also served as the CEO of Citi Habitats, another firm that deals with residential brokerage based in Manhattan. He is a well known attorney in New York not forgetting that his skills have revolutionized real estate brokerage. There are many facts that every person would like to learn about Andrew Heiberger. Read through for more information.

He gained experience since when he was just a little boy. At 16 years, he was working for his family in the real estate industry. He could trade property as well as selling property in Long Island. This refined his skills further making him a well rounded entrepreneur in the real estate industry. It is noted that all his firms have been growing tremendously every other day. His efforts and skills earned his firm, Town Residential, a good tag: it was listed among best places to work at by the Crain. Generally, he is among people to admire and to follow this New Year because he is always promising and coming up with new inventions every day.

It is also important to note that Andrew is a well educated individual looking at his past educational profile. He holds a B.A from the University of Michigan as well as a J.D that he obtained courtesy of the Miami School of Law. All his services are legitimate since he holds a licensing to act as an attorney as well as a real estate broker in New York. His academic credentials are a proof that he is eligible to work in these two industries, something that can be seen to prove why he has always offered the best on leadership.

On matters pertaining life, you can rank Andrew among the most sociable and simple to approach people. He is a father of two children; Lucas and Nikki and likes taking some time out with his family. He also likes football, basketball and golf. Andrew is also known for his philanthropic nature. He supports charities and offers donations to help those in need. Basically, it is difficult to ignore his input as Andrew is always ready to deliver to the best of his capacity.

If you want to know more, Heiberger has written extensively about the real estate industry, at one time or another.

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Vijay Eswaran Leading The Way for Malaysian Business

Vijay Eswaran has accomplished more in his life than some accomplish in ten lifetimes. He is a Malaysian businessman who serves as the executive chairman of a company based in Hong Kong. Though he was born only in 1960, he has been working hard his entire life. By the age of 24, Eswaran had received a degree in socio-economics from the London School of Economics.

He did not immediately do anything specifically related to that degree. Rather, he worked a number of odd jobs throughout Europe. He worked picking grapes in France, and even as a cab driver. When he stumbled across what a binary systems market was while in the UK, he decided that this was for him. He went on to get his MBA from Southern Illinois University. This was the best way for him to get his foot in the door with financial markets. He began working in multi-level marketing and was eventually approached to start a Philippines based business for the Cosway Group. Since that time, Eswaran has worked in multi-level marketing since that time and has built up quite an empire.

Though Vijay Eswaran is considered a master businessman, he is also well known for his philanthropy. He specifically works for the progress of corporate responsibility. By doing this, he feels that he is helping people even more with the work that he has done. It is a great example for the many other companies that would like to get started on helping out other people.

In 2013 Vijay was named as one of the 50 wealthiest people in Malaysia. He ranked in at number 25 and was given an award for his service over all of these years.

Eswaran has remained clean from the charges that have been pinned against him. He continues to do the work that he believes is so important to the world around him. Those who he helps are probably happy that his work has been allowed to continue.

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Freedom From Chronic Back Pain With North American Spine

If you suffer from back pain it may be comforting to know that you are not alone. 85% of all people will suffer back pain at some point in their life and back pain is the number one reason in America why people take sick days. It is also the number two reason why people head to the doctor. The difference between you and other people can be how you choose to deal with your back pain. If you make the choice to schedule a visit with North American Spine then you will be one step closer to a meaningful recovery.

North American Spine treats a variety of different types of back pain that present as thoracic, cervical, and lumber/scaral problems. Among the conditions that North American Spine treats are pinched nerve issues, scar tissue, spinal stenosis, weakness/numbness of legs and feet, back pain around the hip region, facet disease, and more. In addition, they also offer treatment options for a herniated or ruptured disc which can cause a great deal of pain and cause problems down the road for life if not properly addressed.

Any of these conditions can cause a great deal of pain, and in many instances the pain can be debilitating. It is hard to imagine how much pain the human body can endure until you find yourself in the middle of it. This is why North American Spine is the right pain management center for you because they offer a wide array of treatment options depending on the cause of the back pain designed to finally offer you relief. Most doctors will start with lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and hot/cold compresses.

This is not enough to help people with chronic pain and that is when North American Spine can make a difference. They offer a handful of outpatient minimally invasive spine procedures that offer pain relief and in some cases a cure for pain. North American Spine is able to offer this through a procedure known as AccuraScope and studies have proven its a success. In fact, patients that have the AccuraScope save about $23,000 in medical costs over five years since they need less pain medication, therapy, and doctor visits following surgery.

Individual treatment plans will vary based on the type of symptoms and location of back pain that you are suffering. If you are tired of facing chronic pain then let North American Spine give you a treatment plan that will help relieve your pain. Call and schedule a consultation today to see what they can do for you and your back pain and stop being a percentage and start living life.

You can also check out the North American Spine Twitter page, or just the official Facebook if you want to see what people are saying.

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Connecting Shoppers to Retailers via Image Recognition

Adaptability is required for any business to stay afloat in a competitive retail climate. Adjusting to consumer demands for e-commerce was a recent challenge many companies faced. The responsiveness was impressive, and many retailers have done well. Low conversion rates, however, plague sellers that are still adapting to even more changes in the way people shop and make purchases. Newly developing technology, when retailers opt to use it, can help sellers acclimate to shifts in consumer habits.

The Evolving Retail Landscape
In rapidly increasing numbers, consumers are engaging in mobile commerce, leaving manufacturers and retailers with the need to accommodate another type of shopper. Savvy use of technology is the best way to approach this new challenge. Thankfully, there are emerging solutions available to implement. With the explosion of m-commerce and the widespread use of cell phone cameras, image recognition has become a valuable tool in the battle for healthy sales figures.

Putting Image Recognition to Work
Ideally, a consumer making use of image recognition will see a product of interest, snap a picture with a mobile device, and then locate the product to place an order instantly. The only requirements for the consumers are devices equipped with good quality cameras and a browser for conducting a search. This technological convenience helps shoppers to produce an image of something they want and take action immediately. Shoppers do not have to recall the specifics from memory at a later time, and retailers do not have to count on shoppers following through later for a purchase. The ability for consumers to instantly locate and buy something they want is of tremendous value to sellers and shoppers alike.

Finding an Industry Leader
A high quality application of the underlying technology is needed to accomplish this ideal connection between consumers and sellers. This means turning to an image recognition company that understands what retailers need and can deliver it. One company leading the way is Slyce. Beyond algorithms, databases and coding, a leader such as Slyce takes this image recognition technology and makes it work for the businesses in need of connecting to customers. Not limited to mobile technology, Slyce also provides options for consumers to scan items on their desktops. Products from Slyce provide the means to guide shoppers to what they want and to take advantage of social networking opportunities. This multi-channel preparedness effectively reaches consumers with a variety of purchasing preferences and opportunities.

Sellers who want to gain an edge in the market have already begun investigating the benefits of image recognition, or they are poised to begin exploring their options shortly. The sooner a retailer’s products have their physical attributes added to a high quality image recognition system, the sooner shoppers will be able to find those items when they search. With a product that shoppers want, the logical step is to find a way to make sure consumers can locate and buy it. Image recognition technology presents the means to make those potential connections a reality.

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Single Mom Receives New SUV as Gift

Sometimes in life we just struggle. It can be hard to get ahead, and even sometimes just get by. This can be very true for single parents like Sam Tabar as well. When they do not have the support of their spouse, it can be very expensive to pay for child care. This is why it can be very difficult for single parents to really feel financially free. Christy Ethridge knows all too well about this feeling. She has been driving her 1996 Ford Explorer for 16 years, and there were just too many problems with the car. It was a very stressful car to drive, and wan’t very reliable.

One day Christy came home to a 2006 Toyota Sequoia parked in her driveway with a red bow on the hood. WHIO reports that the keys, title, and registration were in the glovebox in her name. Someone wanted her to have this new car, but didn’t want her to know who it was. This is a great story to hear around the christmas season and brightens the hearts of us all.

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Seven Million Keurig’s Mini Plus Coffee Makers Recalled

The Keurig coffee and beverage maker is definitely gaining in popularity. Many individuals enjoy a hot cup of flavored coffee or delicious tea made in this easy to use machine on a daily basis. Before making your next cup of coffee or tea, be sure to pay attention to the following warning.

Keurig’s Mini Plus coffee makers have just been recalled. More than 7 million of them have been recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that these machines are in wide circulation around the United States. They have been sold in popular stores like Target and Walmart. They have been sold since the year 2009, if you believe what the New York Times and Andrew Heiberger had to say.

The reason why these coffee makers are being recalled is because there have been more than 200 reports of hot liquid escaping from the brewer. About 90 individuals have been burned because of this.

People who own Keurig’s Mini Plus coffee makers can have their coffee maker repaired free of charge by the company. Instead of risking becoming injured because of hot liquid coming out from the brewer, it would be much better for a person to heed this recall and take the steps that are necessary to have their coffee maker fixed.

It is important for individuals to pay attention to news articles that relate to recalls of appliances that are used in the home on a daily basis. They do not want to put themselves or members of their family at risk of injury.

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Holiday Shopping with

Christmas shopping is a breeze when you’ve got a resource like to refer to. The website has a number of creative and tasty suggestions to make everybody on your gift list happy this year. 

If your family is into savory flavors, the teas from Numi are the perfect stocking stuffer. These teas taste like vegetable soup, and boast tomato, fennel and basil flavors. They are especially enjoyable after a long day, or can be consumed in the morning to warm up the body and protect the immune system from colds and the flu.

Once everyone is warm and cozy at the family holiday party, you may want to give the gift of a toast for health and prosperity in the new year. Jane St. vodka sodas make the perfect gift for the friend or family member who enjoys an adventurous cocktail. The sodas are available in flavors the feature peach and pineapple. 

Dr. Daniel Amen comments that electronic food-related gifts include the aroma fork, which gives off pleasant food aromas during a meal, and the Egg Minder, which sends notifications when eggs are running out or going bad. 

Check out for more holiday gift ideas.

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Almost Broke?

It is always amazing when someone who should have millions, and did have millions claims to have no money; well in this case only Susan McGalla has $100,000 left in the bank. American Apparel founder has let it be known that he is now sleeping on the sofa of a friend in New York City’s Lower east Side because somehow, he has only $100,000 left to his name. This seems quite bizarre since American Apparel is a multi-million dollar company and sells alot of clothes annually. As with all of these sob stories, seems that Charney was given the boot last week for some “unsavory” business dealings last year. His successor was named as Paula Schneider, who surely is basking in the afterglow of this recent turn of events. What has everyone scratching their heads is that if Charney only has $100,000 left to his name, where is the other $700,000 he earned last year alone in the role of a consultant.

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Brad Reifler Tells It Like It Is With Five Investment Tips

It is the time of year when a lot of people start thinking about investing again. Perhaps it is a good time to review the five tips that Brad Reifler has offered to investors who are planning on putting their money in the markets.

1. Think about potential dangers to your money- There are a bounty of different things that could impact one’s investment performance. No factor should be discounted, says Reifler. Remember that just because your money seems to be in a safe spot at the moment does not mean that this is true. Consider fees, charges, and other dangers to your bottom line.

2. Understand that your money is never safe- Your money can never be fully safe. You always have to monitor it and keep a watchful eye on how it is growing or not growing. If you are not on top of this for yourself, no one else is going to be either. Make sure you consider how you plan to keep it safe.

3. Don’t put all the money in the stock market- Just because it is the obvious choice does not mean it is the right choice. Brad Reifler says that too much money in the stock market is a foolish move no matter who you are. There are too many ways that this can go wrong. Consider diversifying into other markets as well. Only by having a broad based investment portfolio can you feel a little more comfortable.

4. Know your investment manager- If you are putting your money in the hands of a stranger, you are doing something wrong. Reifler insists that you get to know your manager.

5. Know why you are investing- If you are just investing because it seems like the right thing to do, take a step back and reevaluate. There are plenty of reasons to invest, but you need to know why you are doing so in particular.

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